Title Designer
Effective Titles
Virtual Edit has an integrated Title Designer, which allows you to create overlaid title graphics. Titles are actually created as transparent overlays, which maybe placed on top of your edits and/or moving video. This method of transparent overlay is often called 'keying' and you will notice a red 'key track' in the graphical edit window which is for such items.

Currently title graphics may only be static, and in the free evaluation version of Virtual Edit, titles cannot be rendered into an output file. However, you can create and manipulate titles with no restriction.

Creating a Title
On the 'browser' window you will see a 'new title' button. Pressing this will create an empty title project, and bring up the 'Title Designer' editing window. The window is divided into two sections, the 'key list' (on the left) and the 'title editing' window (on the right).

Creating a title is very similar to word processing a document. Apart from all text must sit in a series of text boxes, which can be re-sized and positioned anywhere in the 'title editing' window. A text box has a text and background with colour and transparency properties. Also the colour of each may be a cross fade between a start and end colour, with orientation top to bottom, or left to right.

To make a new text box click on the 'new textbox' button on the tool bar, which will create a box in the editing window called 'text'. You will also notice that the contents of the text box is added to the 'key list' which is basically an aid to navigating between your various text boxes.

To select a text box, either click on the physical item in the 'title editing' window, or click on the lable in the 'key list'. To change the properties of an item (eg colour, font, text etc) select 'properties' on the tool bar, or double click on the item.

To aid you with the look of your title, you may specify a background image for your title, but this is only valid when editing a title, and will not appear when you overlay the title over video in Virtual Edit (on the timeline). The background is also often helpful when trying to line up colours, and/or positioning. When you have finished your title, save it by clicking on 'save', and that will automatically import the title into Virtual Edit (you will find it in the 'clip browser' window under 'keys'). If at any point you wish re-open and edit your title, right click on the title (in the 'clip browser' window) and select 'open'.