Release notes
Below are the release notes that accompany the current version of Virtual Edit. These are provided for your convenience.

Release V3.13

Fix issue where Intel HD graphics cards do not play .mp4 files from mobile phones [Pro-HD only].

Improve graphics re-draw on player window to prevent flashing.

Release V3.12

Fix issue where Intel HD graphics cards display green video [Pro-HD only].

Introduce support for large .mp4 and .mts files [Pro-HD only].

Release V3.11

Fix issue where renderer could freeze on .mp4/AVCHD files [Pro-HD only].

Fix issue where some PCs may not import images files (BMP, JPG).

Introduce DXVA test image to graphics hardware report, to assist with customer queries [Pro-HD only].

Release V3.10

Introduce support for .mp4 cameras (AVC format only) [Pro-HD only].

Release V3.03

Fix issue where the transition pre-render process could cause editlist corruption.

Change default behaviour of player to render transitions in real-time.

Change multi-tasking priorities of player, so it is less susceptible to disturbances.

Release V3.02

Fix issue where player controls could be unresponsive for several seconds after pressing stop.

Fix issue where some PCs may not display video effects correctly [Pro-HD only].

Fix issue where rendered AVCHD video files could have lip-sync errors [Pro-HD only].

Fix issue where playback of rendered AVI files is not very smooth.

Introduce video composition and expander functionality (i.e. aspect ratio control) [Pro-HD only].

Introduce render log to assist with customer queries.

Release V3.01

Fix issue where PCs with dual screens could cause unexpected program termination.

Fix issue where PCs without DirectX V9 or greater could cause unexpected program termination.

Various fixes for AVCHD decode [Pro-HD only].
- High Profile matrices
- Start code detection error
- Mbaff frame flag

Introduce AVCHD SD memory card reader functionality [Pro-HD only].

Release V3.00

Initial release of Virtual Edit V3 supporting AVCHD video cameras.