Fault Finding
DirectX V9 error message
Virtual Edit requires at least DirectX V9 to perform many operations.

DirectX V9 is free and can be downloaded from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/directx

Memory error, or unexpected program termination during import or render
Virtual Edit performs many Digital Signal Processing functions which are quite memory intensive. Therefore, you must have the minimum amount of memory as specified in the online faq: http://www.virtualedit.net/faq.htm

If you are still experiencing problems, make sure you have at least 512MB of swap space on your system drive, and that no other programs are running when you are using Virtual Edit.

Playback is jerky during preview of editlist
If transitions are jerky, try changing the pre-render option (Options->System Options) to Level 2 (i.e. all transitions). If performance is still bad, you should consider using Multi Edit mode instead of DV Edit mode, as this requires much less processing power.

Also, make sure that the drive that contains your Virtual Edit project has a suitable amount of space, and that it is regularly de-fragmented using the windows system tools.